Revolution Small Bowl

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This small serving bowl is the perfect companion to the Revolution Collection of drinking glasses and carafe.  The collection is formed from a pure extrusion of hand-blown borosilicate glass. The use of this glass (similiar to Pyrex) this collection more durable and resistant to thermal shock than any other type of glass. The collection is comprised of 6 tabletop vessel designs with most combining two glasses or bowls into one; Carafe, Champagne Flute, Large/Small Bowl, Liqueur/Espresso, Rocks/Martini and Water/Wine. The beauty of this collection is that when in use, it appears to float, seeming to defy gravity.

The Revolution Collection is the first design that Felicia Ferrone produced after returning from Milan to her native Chicago and founding her own firm in 2010. Revolution is in the permanent collection at the Art Institute of Chicago



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2 1/4" High x 4 3/4" Diameter

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Designed in Chicago, Felicia Ferrone chose to have the Revolution Collection crafted in the Czech Republic by master glassblowers because of the superior quality and purity of glass produced there. Variation in the glass are hallmarks of the artistry and craftsmanship of each individual piece. The Revolution Collection is made from the finest quality Borosilicate Glass, providing thermal resistance for a range of hot and cold applications.

The collection is oven, microwave and dishwasher safe