Boulder And Pacific Bowls

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The Boulder Bowl by Martha Sturdy makes a bold statement in any environment. Sturdy bowls are a functional yet elegant addition to any room or food service. The Boulder Bowls are known for their thick rims and come in three different sizes. The picture displayed two of the Boulder Bowls inside of one Pacific Bowl, which has a thinner rim. The dimensions are listed below from smallest to largest:
#1097 Small Boulder Bowl: 5.75″ W  x 4″ H
#1098 Medium Boulder Bowl: 8.5″ W  x 5″ H
#1543 Pacific Bowl: 10″ D x 5″ H

Currently available in Ice Blue.


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Caring for Resin
To maintain the beauty of your resin piece, wash with soap and water then finish with a light coating of mineral oil (not necessary for white marble, white, frost, linen, linen marble, or moss). All resin colors are consistent throughout. Any scratches can be easily buffed out by using a mild abrasive cleaner, pad or light sandpaper. Resin is sensitive to extreme hot or cold temperatures. It is not dishwasher, oven, freezer or microwave safe.

These bowl are offered in other color and size options. Please contact, Customer Service for more information to place custom orders.